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Always Surprises

October 23rd, 2014

Always Surprises

A photographer friend and I were sitting in one of the mineral pools at Pagosa Springs relaxing after two days of traveling and recording where we had gone. A group of women beside us were talking about heading over to one of the town galleries and maybe buying a painting or photograph. One of them was very specific. She wanted a painting with a mountain, a spring and trees.

An article I had read on line mentioned the "comfort" such paintings brought viewers especially if there was a cabin and a path and sheep or cows. Gainsborough must have been very popular in his time. My paintings are more often of canyons though I do put streams in them. But that day I had taken many pictures of mountains and streams and trees with fall colors. That had been the goal of the trip - to capture the fall in cottonwoods along streams and rivers and quaking aspens on the sides of mountains.

When I got home I began post processing those photos which fit that rather narrow definition of landscape. I got some good ones if not necessarily my favorites of all the 600 some photographs I did take. I posted them in albums and wrote a couple blogs to feature them. And then realizing I had not made a post to my Facebook page saying I was home, and knowing a picture counts for a thousand words I wrote a quick status update and posted the image above.

It is up to almost fifty likes in less than a day. I was working on my initial inventory of photos here and decided it should be in the Gallery Landscapes because several of my friends have stated they would like to buy a print. Obviously I need to take a second look at those 600 photographs and blogs for the immediate future.

Jacqui Binford-Bell
Just another painter on a creative sidetrack